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Hole And Shaft Basis Limits And Fits

Hole basis limits and fits with Shaft basis limits and fits have been given as an example in the chart below. The definitions for descriptions given in the chart explained as follows. The chart below gives simple understanding of Hole Basis Limits and Shaft Basis Limits. Some of the application and some of the selected Preferred Fits for Hole and Shaft Basis system have been given followed by Fits explanations.

More Clearance
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Clearance FitsDescriptionHole BasisShaft Basis
Free RunningH9/d9 D9/h9
Loose RunningH11/c11 C11/h11
Easy Running H8/f8 F8/h8
SlidingH7/g6 G7/h6
Close ClearanceH8/f7 F8/h7
Locational ClearanceH7/h6 H6/h7
Location- slight interferenceH7/k6 K7/h7
Location/TransitionH7/n6 N7/h6
Medium Drive FitH7/s6 S7/h6
Force FitH7/u6 U7/h6

Free Running; This type of tolerance can be usable where any special requirements for accuracy in not essential, but good for wide temperature variation, heavy journal pressures and high running speeds.
Some of the applications: Multiple fits of shafts of production and piston machines, parts rotating very rarely or only swinging..
Some of the selected Preferred fits: H9/d9, D9/h9, H9/C9, H9/d10, D9/h8, H8/d9, H8/d8, D10/h9,

Loose Running; Fits For wide commercial tolerances/clearances or allowances with parts on external members.
Some of the applications: Fits of parts exposed to corrosive effects, pivots, latches, contamination with dust and thermal or mechanical deformations.
Some of the selected Preferred fits: H11/c11, H11/a11, C11/h11, H11/c9, D11/h11, H11/d11, A11/h11,

Easy Running; This is tuning fits with smaller clearances with general requirements for fit accuracy.
Some of the applications: Main fits of machine tools. General fits of shafts, regulator bearings, machine tool spindles, sliding rods.
Some of the selected Preferred fits: H8/f8, H9/f8, F8/h6, F8/h7, H8/f7, H7/f7,

Sliding/Running Fit; This fit does not provide freely running. This running/sliding tolerance fits with very small clearances for accurate guiding of shafts. This kind of tolerance helps the parts to move and turn freely and locate accurately.
Some of the applications: sliding gears and clutch disks, parts of machine tools, pistons of hydraulic machines, rods sliding in bearings, grinding machine spindles, crankshaft journals.
Some of the selected Preferred fits: H7/g6, H8/g7, G7/h6,

Close Clearance ( Spigots and Locations);This fit is for accurate location at moderate speeds and journal pressures, and running on accurate machine parts. Running fits with smaller clearances with general requirements for fit accuracy.
Some of the applications: General fits of shafts, machine tool spindles, main fits of machine tools, regulator bearings, sliding rods.
Some of the selected Preferred fits: H8/f7, F8/h7, F8/h6, H9/f8, H8/f8, H7/f7,

Locational Clearance; For locating stationary parts, it provides snug fit. It provides freely assemble and disassemble. This  fit helps for precise guiding and centering of parts and mounting by sliding on without use of any great force, after lubrication the parts can be turned and slid by hand. 
Some of the applications: Roller guides. precise guiding of machines and preparations, exchangeable wheels.
Some of the selected Preferred fits: H7/h6, H8/h7, H8/h9, H8/h8,

Location- slight interference; This type of fit compromise between interference and clearance for accurate location. With this fit, the parts can be assemble or disassemble without great force using a rubber mallet.
Some of the applications: Clutches, demountable fits of hubs of gears and pulleys, manual wheels,  brake disks.
Some of the selected Preferred fits: H7/k6, H8/k7, K7/h6, K8/h7,

Location/Transition; This fit for accurate location where greater interference permissible. It is fixed fits with small interferences or negligible clearances. Mounting of fits using pressing and light force.
Some of the applications: Armatures of electric motors on shafts, gear rims, fixed plugs, driven bushings, flushed bolts.
Some of the selected Preferred fits: H7/n6, H8/n7, H8/p7, H7/m6, H8/m7, M8/h6, N7/h6, N8/h7,

Location/Interference; This type of fit where the assembled parts requiring rigidity and great alignment with prime accuracy of location. Press fit which can be separated, pressed fits with guaranteed interference. Assembly of the parts can be carried out using cold pressing.
Some of the applications: Bearing bushings, Hubs of clutch disks.
Some of the selected Preferred fits: H7/p6, H7/r6, H8/r7, P7/h6, R7/h6,

Medium Drive Fit This fit for shrink fit on light section or ordinary steel parts. Pressed fits with medium interference, assembly of parts using hot pressing, assembly using cold pressing only with use of large forces. the tightest tolerance usable for cast iron.
Some of the applications: Permanent coupling of gears with shafts, bearing bushings.
Some of the selected Preferred fits: H7/s6, H8/s7, H7/t6, H8/t7, S7/h6, T7/h6,

Force Fit; This fit suitable for parts which can be highly stressed. Pressed fits with big interferences, assembly using pressing and great forces under different temperatures of the parts. This fit for shrink fits where the heavy pressing forces required are impractical.
Some of the applications: Permanent couplings of gears with shafts, flanges.
Some of the selected Preferred fits: H7/u6, H8/u7, H8/u8, H8/x8, U7/h6, U8/h7,

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